bioLxsko“, born Dean Martin Laskowski, is an independent hip hop artist from north London, UK. With a diverse sound, influenced by the “Tower Block Dream” and life in the gritty London City, Lxsko brings a fresh mix of emotion, truth and inspiration to his lyrics.

Being kicked out of school at an early age and left to face a hard city with no money in his pocket and his mother to support, was the beginning of a struggle that led to his first mixtape, Tower Block Dream, that he released in 2014. The emotional depth he reached with his lyrics surrounded his new mixtape with social media “buzz”, where he quickly gained a large following.

The following year, the artist released three more mixtapes that received many praises from his fans. Lxsko continues to build his name and gain respect as a rapper not only in the UK but also overseas, with the help of his fans, known to him as his “Wolfpack“. A symbolism for “loyalty” and “family”, a wolf pack is exactly what Lxsko has in the people who continually support his growth as an artist. His story continues…


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